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We help businesses take leap in the new digital economy!

Our Approach

We are a passionate technology company, experimenting emerging technologies to innovate new business case for our customers.

Customer Driven Solutions

Customer Driven Solutions

We help clients create the next generation digital solutions with emerging technologies.

Experience Driven design

Experience Driven Design

Our creative design team help you build web application with phenomenal user experience.

Start-up Curator

Startup curator

Our Product development DNA helps startup to build their technology backbone at bootstrapping cost

What we offer

Hanker solutions an international software services company, helps SME's with next generation digital technology solution and services across the globe. We partner with organization to offer tailor made digital technology assets, enabling them to grow with the experience and expertise we have gathered as a team over the years..

We help transform clients' business & operations for the digital age with our distinctive industry-based, consultative approach which helps clients envision, build and run more innovative and efficient businesses with device independent systems hosted on cloud infrastructure .

We offer Web Applications , Mobile Solutions ,Web design-development as our primary offering




Mobile Apps Delivered


Web Business Application Delivered


Countries in world with Clients




Hankers unique operations and management practices help our clients add value to their services while having a comfort of working at ease with a proficient organization.

  • Consultative Approach
  • Product Development DNA
  • Emerging Technology Hub
  • Experienced Engineers
  • Full Stack Development
  • Competitive Cost

Our Practice & Services

Hierarchy, complex process and protocol based communication channels are fun to be built but they turn into hassle when dealing with a remote based organization. We try to make things as simple as it can be, so you focus on what you are best at and leave rest to us.

  • Est. Communication Process
  • Design and Mockups
  • Prompt Iteration
  • Product Development Process
  • Quality Assurance and Tests
  • Documentation and Support