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Brand Hanker

The word 'Hanker' originates from early Dutch dialect hankeren, which means – to have a strong or persistent desire to achieve substance. Hanker solutions has been established with a vision to achieve utmost customer satisfaction while delivering supreme quality of work thereby enabling us to be their most trust worthy partner.

Our Logo signifies our name Hanker- Representation of a Strong desire of achievement beingcharacterized by the infinity sign. The flame and colour of fire symbolizes passion and energy which demonstrates our temperament as an organization.The boldfont used in the logo resemblesour commitment, a young and energetic organization with futuristic thought process.


We at hanker firmly believe in growth and we understand growth is directly proportionate to quality and service we deliver.

We a team of experienced professional created a vision to offer nothing but the best to our customer and affiliates. We visualize Hanker to be a leading business with the highest ethical standards that delivers exceptional value for our customers, our employees, our affiliates and scale up to an organization of global repute and be an integral part of our customer’s success.

The foundation of our organizations is laid on four pillars we trust on

  • Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • People
  • Processes

What we do

Hanker solutions is an Offshore Software development house, which focuses to provide quality technology driven solution and services to small and medium organization. We help them with ever increasing information processing needs, enabling them to focus on what they do the best with the years of experience and expertise we have gathered as a team.

What we offer:-

  • Professional approach
  • Qualified and experienced team
  • Streamlined processes
  • Stringent Quality and Process Adherence
  • One stop Solutions for your needs
  • Quicker Return on Investments
  • Experience on Various industry domain