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LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PhP)

PHP offers several advantages for developing high performing, reliable, web based applications. With easy integration to popular frameworks, tools and seamless implementation across platforms, PHP has been widely used to create dynamic and interactive websites. Whether it's a CMS based website, dating or community portal or any custom web application, PHP is a fast, stable and secure choice for open source server side scripting.

Hanker offers a highly experienced team of PHP developers with expertise in designing, developing, integrating and maintaining custom PHP applications. Our PHP Development projects are usually on LAMP architecture (Linux/ Apache Web Server/ MySQL Database/ PHP) but could also be WAMP (Windows™) or XAMP (Cross Platform) based. Our PHP development engineers are experienced in dynamic website development, content management based applications, database management, developing scalable websites and are proficient in MySQL™, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, XML and other related technologies.

In addition to custom PHP applications, our expertise extends to open source CMS tools like Joomla™, Drupal™, Wordpress™ and Magento™ among others. We also have significant expertise using frameworks like CakePHP, Laravel, Zend and Codeigniter among others.

Hanker has significant experience working on projects involving the usage of Content Management Systems. Aside from being able to use the out-of-the-box functionality of these CMS software, we have customized them extensively to meet the business goals of our clients. Examples of applications where our engineers have implemented CMS systems include websites, online catalogues, ecommerce websites, blogs, corporate intranets, and many other applications. A number of custom applications/modules/plug-ins have also been developed by Nagarro’s teams over popular tools like Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress. Our experience in developing easy to manage CMS websites with rich user experience and custom extensions/modules, allows us to evaluate the best fit configuration for any given requirement. To achieve maximum usability we use a combination of custom development and modifications of standard templates to create the desired functionality.

Open source Technologies we work on:

We provide professional & affordable web design services using latest tools. Our web designs well suited for all business sizes are made keeping in mind the search engines and designs made are SEO compatible.

  • E-Commerce Site
  • Enterprise Information Site
  • Dynamic Product Catalogue Site
  • Shopping Cart Site
  • Community Site
  • Social Networking and Community Site
  • Night Club Website
  • Sports Clubs Website
  • Job Site
  • E-Learning Site
  • Content Distribution Site
  • Knowledge Management Site
  • Entertainment Portal
  • Online Travel Portal
  • University Portal
  • News Portal
  • User Authentication and Management Portal