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Maintenance and Support

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Maintenance and Support

ISVs are under constant pressure to deliver new and innovative products to the market that drive both top and bottom line. At the same time their existing customers are expecting improved product quality, quicker defect resolution and an enhanced customer experience. Traditional approaches to maintenance and support typically just focus on cost reduction, with an SLA-based solution designed for faster ticket resolution and lower overall expenses associated with maintenance. This approach addresses the symptom but not the actual cause of the problem. .

Hanker offers a contemporary solution to the long standing challenges of maintenance and support by issue resolution and predictable maintenance and support costs. This approach ensures that our clients meet their innovation goals and improve customer satisfaction while constantly reducing year over year costs.

The comprehensive services comprises of :

  • End to end product support (L1, L2)
  • Defect fix and maintenance services (L3)
  • 24X7 Services for global clientele
  • Phone/Email/Chat/ticket based support service
  • Technical support desk

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