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Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Competency Centre

Hanker is an offshore software development organization, specializing and demonstrating competency in Microsoft technologies as our core strengths. We have worked with and are knowledgeable about the entire spectrum of Microsoft Technologies. This allows us to suggest and build best of breed solutions for our clients. Aside from legacy technologies such as ASP, VB, C++, MFC, COM, etc., we have worked on all the frameworks of .Net (1.1, 2.0, and 3.5). Our developers are well versed in both C# and Vb.Net (core languages of choice for .Net development). Following are brief summaries of our experience:

Presentation Technologies:

Asp.Net and Asp.Net Ajax - Our projects are web based and comprise of Asp.Net 1.1, Asp.Net 2.0, as well as Asp.Net Ajax. Our .NET development solutions use advanced techniques such as custom controls, HttpModules, and HttpHandlers for creating pluggable architectures. In addition we have knowledge of the latest features of the platform and can use them where needed (providers, master pages, themes, etc.)

SilverLight and XAML - XAML - We have developed solutions for our ISV customers which leverage SilverLight 1.0. This allows them to provide extremely usable UI to their end-users. We have also worked on developing XAML based UI for Windows Vista.

Windows Forms - Our projects are either smart client based or standalone Windows applications. We are able to create Windows based applications that follow the Windows usability guidelines. We understand the conceptual difference between a web application and a windows application

Office UI - Our ability to learn and implement new technologies allowed some of our clients to have cutting edge UI products from the UI standpoint. We have successfully implemented the Office Fluent UI Interface for them in their products.

Control Libraries - We do not believe in reinventing the wheel and thus have educated ourselves on a large number of control libraries that are available. Most of our projects require some sort of Data Visualization. It can be a simple data grid or it may need to be an interactive graph displaying thousands of points on multiple axes.

Middle Tier Technologies

Asp.Net Web Services - We have designed and developed a number of applications which use web services to form the middle tier. For some of our ISV projects we have created product APIs using Web Services that allow the software to be integrated with external applications

.Net Remoting - We have experience in making applications that depend on .Net remoting for message communication between various tiers of an application

Windows Communication Foundation - a number of our projects which require an SOA approach make use of WCF to create service buses for the middle tier.

Business Objects and ORM Frameworks - We have worked with the following: CSLA, nHibernate, ORM.Net, and LLBGenPro. We have a large amount of experience using third party frameworks

Enterprise Technologies

The core building blocks of technology can only go so far. We have experience in building software which can leverage existing and new enterprise building blocks in an organization.

Reporting and Business Intelligence - We have experience working with a number of reporting frameworks - SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, Active Reports, etc. We have experience creating reports on transactional data as well as creating business dashboards that form decision support systems. We have worked with SQL Server Analysis and Integration services on a large number of projects for providing data transformation and analysis solutions.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server- We have a lot of expertise on the SharePoint offering from Microsoft. This includes working on vanilla MOSS installation to customizing MOSS for integration with diverse enterprise systems to provide a unified enterprise portal.

Workflow and Business Process Automation We have developed a large number of solutions that use either custom made workflow engines or industry standards such as BizTalk Server